norway-spruceEvergreen Planting Instructions:
The best time to plant trees is in the Fall or early Spring.  The hole should be dug 4-5 times the size of the root ball to allow for new roots to grow without too much stress.  Remove all rope from the basket and open the burlap surrounding the root ball. Fold the burlap to the outside of the basket.  Gently place the tree into the hole, back fill the dirt around the root ball, and tamp firmly.  Do not back fill the dirt up to the tree trunk or fill above six feet.  Once the tree is planted, water thoroughly.  For high wind areas, stake the tree and mulch to retain moisture.  Trees should be watered once a week unless 1 inch of rain has fallen.  For additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact Yule Tree Farms at 607-324-5374 or email us at

Planting Instructions

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