Yule Tree Farms 2018 Big Game Hunting Guidelines

15 Years of quality deer management on 2,000 acres Q.D.M objectives at Yule Tree Farms

  • To harvest only mature deer (2 1/2 years or older)
  • To maintain a favorable gender ratio (buck to doe of 1 to 3)
  • To maintain favorable deer habitat (1 to 1 grassland to woodlot)
  • To maintain a sustainable/balanced deer population
  • To provide for other small game hunting opportunities

Location and Communications:
719 O’Connor Road
Hornell, NY 14843
Office Phone: 607-324-5374
Cell: 607-368-5374
Fax: 607-324-5028
Email: yuletreefarms@yahoo.com

1. Harvest Limits – Deer

A. Each hunter is allowed to harvest a maximum of 2 mature deer per season (10/1 to 12/23) to include:

1. 1 mature buck – having NYSBBC score of 110 or more, OR 4 points on a side whose total length is 20″ or more on that side

2. 1 mature doe (antlerless) – no fawns – on any valid antlerless or Unit 9 P permit

B. All other BIG game according to current DEC regulations

2. Considerations and Regulations

A. Yule Tree Farms

1. The wearing of florescent orange on the head and chest area is required during any deer fire arms season.

2. Tree stands are permitted but are not to be permanently affixed with nails or other metal objects.

3. Each hunter must obtain landowner permission when tracking a wounded deer leaving YTF’s property.  Deer Search Services are available (free) at 585-935-5220 or 716-648-4355 or www.deersearchflc.com

4. All hunters must be aware of the boundaries of leased parcels (check with YTF office) so as not to infringe on the exclusive hunting rights of Leasee’s.  All lands west of Fitzgerald Road have been leased via the hunting leasing network for the 2014 season (Tom Dziekan – Phone 315-744-0904)

5. All lands lying within the Boundaries of O’Connor Road on the North; Fitzgerald Road to the West; Webb Road to the South; Doorley Road to the East – are reserved for the exclusive personal use by YTF’s family members (owners/partners) (D.E.C Licensed Hunting Preserve #492)

6. YTF’s Full Time Current employees are granted non-exclusive hunting rights for the Buffalo Farm (Hurlbut 2) of 200+ acres

7. Youth Hunting – First time youth hunters are allowed to harvest any legal antlered buck

8. Guest Hunting Privileges

a. Can only be granted by YTF’s owner/partner or approved leasing agent
b. Groups – Exclusive 1 year leases for parcels of private lands fo r2 to 6 persons per group. Leasing agent: Hunting leasing Networking, L.L.C., Tom Dziekan, Phone: 315-744-0904 (Division of Farmers National Company, www.nationalhuntingleases.com, Phone: 800-346-2650
c. Individual – Non exclusive open land hunting, $1,000.00 per person per season (Deer 10/1 to 12/20, Turkey 5/1 to 5/31). Seasonal rates only – excepting lands covered in 2A5 above call 607-324-5374 – must sign liability waiver.
d. Hunting Lodge Rental per group of 1 to 4 persons (non exclusive) $500.00 per week, (Friday at 12:00pm to Friday at 12:00pm) – weekly rates only, call 607-324-5374.

9. Hunters are asked to report to the YTF’s office, the harvesting of any bucks by the end of each day.

10. Hunters should check for the presence of Deer ticks (Lyme Disease) at the end of each day (Dr. Gregory Paul Bisck – Board Certified, Phone: 601-488-8030, 670 Mill Road, Hamburg PA.

B. NYSDEC Regulations

1. All hunters should be aware of the current hunting regulations published annually by the DEC (available at licensing outlets, Walmart, etc)

2. Loaded firearms are prohibited on ATV’s

3. It is unlawful to discharge a firearm or bow across any part of a public highway or within 500 feet of an occupied dwelling, structure or farm building.

4. The use of attractants (baiting) is prohibited.

5. Hunting of Bear and Coyotes are permitted within DEC regulations

6. Harvesting antlerless deer with a DMP permit must be done with a Unit 9 P permit.

4. General Information

A. Venison Processing – Dave Hunt, Canaseraga Road, Phone: 607-545-6163 or 607-545-6289 Mon. – Fri. 6:pm – 8:00pm, Sat. & Sun. 2:00pm – 6:00pm

B. Venison Donation – The DEC promotes Venison Donation to “Feed the Hungry” through the Venison Coalition – locally such donations can be made to the Salvation Army Food Pantry, 95 Seneca Street, Hornell, NY 14843, Phone 607-324-1933, open 9:00am to 12:00pm weekdays.

C. Wilson Beef Farms (only deboned meat accepted), Phone 607-545-8308, 10751 Hess Road Crossing, Canaserage, NY; Specializing in hotdogs, sausages, etc

D. Taxidermy

1. John Jones, Canaseraga 585-476-2684 or 607-545-6099

2. Brian Pringle (specializing in skull mounts), phone: 585-335-7702, 1130 Lemon Road, Dansville, NY

3. Powers Taxidermy, 2 Elmwood Place, Canisteo, NY 14823, Phone: 607-698-9205

E. Antler Scoring (NYSBBC) Regulations & Worksheet, PO Box 451, Vernon, NY 13476.  All scoring is done in accordance with the Boone & Crockett Scoring System.  Minimum entry scores to the NYSBBC are as follows:

Typical NonTypical
Gun  140  165
Bow  120  145
Muzzle Loader  140  165

Local official measurer is Joseph Miletti, Almond, NY; Phone: 607-276-6146

Codes and Abbreviations

YTF’s: Yule Tree Farms ~ QDM: Quality Deer Management ~ NYSBBC: New York State Big Buck Club ~ NYSDEC: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation ~ DMP: Antlerless Deer Management Permit (DMAP, D.D.P.)

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